M&C Assemblies INC. prides itself in providing a comprehensive, stable and collaborative work environment for all of it’s staff and contractors. Furthermore, our organization has as a proven track record in providing prosperous ventures with all of it’s contractors at every level of contract.

All new assembly techs are scheduled with either a veteran tech or company manager for the training period. Training periods last anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks and are paid on an hourly basis. Not everyone builds on the same pace or level. Some are more thorough, some are more natural but anyone can assemble various units correctly and quickly. Once the training period is over, each tech will be granted permission within our software that will provide their scheduled stores, customers or clients to service. The majority of the time the schedule is the same from week to week. However, visits often change due to various circumstances. Our requirements from the client may change. Hence, your schedule may as well. Or, your personal ability to perform may change do to emergency circumstances. Either way, You as a tech and us as a company, have to be ready to adjust our schedule’s. The good news is, the technology that we are putting in your hands, allows you to manage all of your daily schedules. Also, you will know at the end of every day your personal earnings.

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