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M&C Assemblies, Inc. is a professional B2B product assembly service company. Available throughout the entire Southeast, we can quickly customize and seamlessly implement our efficient product assembly procedures and processes within any market to provide friendly fast and thorough assembly services.

Whether you need one-time service for large projects, on demand service, or regularly scheduled service, we’ve got you covered. We also guarantee timely call response, product assembly estimates, parts control, quick and thorough assembly times and clean work areas.

Founded in 1991, M&C Assemblies understands the “Power of Team”. The collective talent, dedication and spirit of our staff, along with the stores we service, have allowed us to be consistently acknowledged as one of the leading assembly companies, servicing some of the largest retailers in the country.

Trust your assembly needs to the clean, professional assembly team at M&C Assemblies.

From bikes, to grills, to swing sets and indoor or outdoor
furniture, our precisely trained technicians can build them all.

M&C Assemblies has over 30 years of experience providing assembly services to some of the largest retailers in the country. Our efforts of maintaining the highest quality service, have resulted in being the single recipient of the prestigious ASSEMBLY EXCELLENCE AWARD.

We are not just a big-hit company, leaving stores with feast or famine. Although we do have teams that can do huge assembly days when needed; M&C Assemblies Inc. has perfected the art of just in time assembly ensuring that your stores are always stocked with exactly the assembled products you need.

In large part this intricate scheduling system is made possible by the Assembly Toolbox. The industries most advanced technology and software. The Assembly Toolbox creates the communication bridge between stores, corporate offices and M&C Assemblies; ensuring on time assembly, accuracy of assembly, and dramatic reduction in billing errors etc.

This software gives our clients the ability to view all assembly events, fulfilled live, use digital invoicing and electronic signatures to all of their clients from the tip of their finger. M&C Assemblies invites you to schedule a preview of the greatest service tool ever deployed in the assembly market. M&C Assemblies invites you to schedule a preview of the greatest service tool ever deployed in the assembly market.

No need to spend your day, finding tools, unpacking boxes
and decoding instructions, we can do the job for you.

Assembly Toolbox

Assembly Toolbox is a web application designed for the purpose of having all assembly procedures tracked from the inception of scheduled event through final completion and invoicing.

REAL- TIME Client tracking of technicians production within every store. Upon every technicians check in, client users have the ability to view all estimated work loads as well as check out times.
Delivering to clients quality efficiency, cost savings and real time manageability of production. All from the tip of your fingers on mobile devices and computers.

Message Center

A seamless communication system Message center allowing Regional, District and Store managers to maintain all efficiency of production. With in the tool box all levels of staff can simultaneously maintain LIVE crucial data during a stores production activity. This creates time savings, allowing clients to channel efforts towards other priorities for their organization.

Digital Invoicing

Digital Invoicing coupled with Electronic Signatures provides check and balance for both M&C Assemblies Inc. and their clients. Eliminating any chance of error from obsolete paper trails. Furthermore, the Key Rec is uploaded and saved to every digital invoice.


A alert system notifying all responsible parties of required information as it pertains to production through completion of all events. It’s not often, but situations occur that require immediate notification. This feature has been designed with certain parameters of schedule. However, by request of our clients additional triggers of alert will be developed.